Low Traffic Neighbourhoods



On the ‘Council Plans and Documents’ page are two campaign guides from the London Cycling Campaign about LOW TRAFFIC NEIGHBOURHOODS – what they are, how to campaign for them and some mythbusters about what happens to traffic if you block a rat run. If you’ve got the time they make interesting reading – they’re a useful guide for residents and local policy makers.


The annual Cumberland/Ringslade/Warberry/Leverton Bradley SUMMER STREET PARTY

Join us at the top of Warberry Road on Saturday 14th July at 3pm

Setting up from 2pm…all help appreciated!

Please do not park at the top of Warberry Road on the day.

Please bring a bottle and a dish to share or something to pop on the BBQ, tables, chairs and a gazebo if you have one.

There will also be a TOMBOLA to raise money for our local charity KAOS. Any good quality items you wish to donate for this can be left with Sharon and Sue at 13 Cumberland Road, by Thursday 12th July, if possible.

Any questions? Please speak to:

Tania at 2 Cumberland Road or

Cathy at 44 Warberry Road or

Mary at 40 Warberry Road or

Lisa at 36 Ringslade Road

Wednesday 20th June – Meeting

We have a meeting with our local councillor  Pete Mitchell on Wednesday 20th June  @ 7.30pmThe venue is Committee Room 8, The Civic Centre (top floor). Everybody welcome.
The meeting is to let him know our thoughts about the Wood Green Area Action Plan, the opening up of the ‘pathway’ at the back of Cumberland/Bradley/Wolseley, parking issues & any other local concerns members have.