Minutes of Meeting 5th October 2019

RCRA Meeting 5th Oct 2019 – Minutes

Minutes of AGM 30th May 2019

RCRA AGM Minutes May 30th 2019

Agenda for AGM 30th May 2019

DATE –   Thursday 30th May
PLACE – Wood Green Social Club, 3-4 Stuart Cres, Wood Green, London N22 5NJ
TIME –     7.30pm









Minutes of Meeting 11.30 16th March 2019 – Cafe Corso

RCRA Minutes 16th March 2019

Summary of Meeting 1st February 2019 – Cafe Corso

Summary of Meeting 1st Feb 2019

Minutes of meeting with our Local Councillors June 20th 2018

RCRAMinutes Meeting 20th June Cllrs

Summary of Meeting with Local Councillors June 20th 7.30pm Civic Centre – Wood Green

RCRA Summary of Meeting with Local Councillors 20th June 2018


Minutes of meeting Wednesday 7th March 7.30 Wood Green Social Club


Those attending;

Nick Dickson, Betty Wang, Jacquie Howley, Annie Faulkner, Anna Scott, Helen Thornhill, Angela Moruzzi, Wayne Libonati, Tony McLoughlin, Frank Hanly, Lisa Sharp, Mick Yates, Andy & Hannah Taylor, Con Gillen, Emma Metcalfe, Reggie Arkhurst.


Messages from people who couldn’t make it;

Ros Byfield, Par Sandhu, Poppy and Martin Lloyd, Sharon Tully, Susan Tully,

Matt Tait, Lizzie Stables, Peter Yates


Petition about opening of ‘Green Walkway’ behind Cumberland and Bradley Road


Everyone agreed as to the wording of the petition. No one could see any local benefit to opening up the ‘green path’.


Tony suggested adding under the nature conservation section that Bat Boxes have been put up which would be under threat if the path was opened up. He also noted that the path had been opened up once before some years ago and the council might use that as a precedent. Also noted that about 8 years ago residents were served with letters warning them not to let their property encroach on the path.


It was also noted that the school had been burgled once by people using the path for access. Tony was going to get the school on board in objecting to opening the path. Also it was suggested getting in touch with the Conservation Trust which looks after the path to get them on side.


The plan is to get as many signatures as possible going door to door and then present it to the council via Pete Mitchell.


New  regulations about Parking Vouchers and use of vouchers by council workers


There was a lot of concern about the abuse of parking vouchers by council workers and the problems we have as residents parking in our own streets.


Issues raised were:


  • Confusion about the new parking voucher regulations.


  • Use by council workers of new ‘borough-wide’ parking permits taking up residents’ spaces. Angela pointed out that ‘Essential Users’ permit holders are not allowed to park in our streets and will get ticketed if discovered but that the ‘borough-wide’ permits will not be ticketed.


  • Residents of Leverton Close using parking vouchers they are not entitled to.


  • Use of daily vouchers by council workers to park in our streets


It was agreed that we would raise these issues with our local councillors and build up a data base of photos of the worst offenders that can be used in our dealings with the council.


Also the issue of cars parked illegally with their motors idling especially at the bottom of Cumberland near the council offices was highlighted. Again we’re going to raise this with our councillors and try to get a contact in the council who we can report incidents and pass on photos.


Bus Garage re-development/Green Ridings House re-development


Lots of people expressed their concern about the proposed re-developments slated for our area. Specific concerns were; the height of proposed buildings, the air and noise pollution the building work will create, the possibility of vibration damage to existing houses from building work and general disruption.


Even though these re-developments are a few years off it was suggested we register our objections now so that the council know we are organised and have serious objections. It was pointed out that the proposals are very vague at the moment and we should lobby for an impact assessment on our area.


It was noted that the consultation to the area action plan ends soon so we’ll be encouraging people to put in their objections and posting some bullet points about what objections can be made.


Private Landlords registration scheme


Residents thought this was a good thing as it will hopefull clamp down on rogue landlords and help with anti-social behaviour and litter issues.




A domain name has been registered and a website set up – it will go live soon and the details will be circulated. It’s not fancy but isn’t expensive and will provide a useful resource for things like a tradespeople directory, info about local events and useful numbers.


Easter Social


Following the success of the Christmas drinks  we’re going to have an Easter Social at the Green Rooms on Thursday 29th March (day before Good Friday) – details to follow.




Lisa Sharp is taking over the role of Secretary from Par who has a new job which pretty full on and is taking up much of his time.


Meet with local councillor Pete Mitchell


Once we get the petition done I’ll fix a date with our councillor Pete for a meeting – he suggested a room at the Civic Centre and anyone who wants to attend is very welcome – the more who come the better!

Minutes of Inaugural Meeting 15th November 2017

RCRA Minutes 15th Nov 2017


RCRA Constitution

RCRA Constitution

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