RCRA News January 2020


Finally after many, many emails and two site visits we now have official permission from the council for our pavement planters at the bottom of Ringslade Road (see below plan).

Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 11.48.24

The only catch is we have to use council approved suppliers to ensure the scheme is covered by the required insurance. Hopefully the planters will be in place in time for spring!




Thanks to Matt Richards from Bradley Road (& his uncle who has made it for us!) we should soon have a neighbourhood book-swap box that will be situated in Cafe Corso. We’re building up a supply of books (including kids books) ready for when it’s installed.

Railway Cottages Res Assoc AGM


RCRA AGM & Plans to Improve the Neighbourhood

DATE –   Thursday 30th May
PLACE – Wood Green Social Club, 3-4 Stuart Crescent,
                Wood Green, London N22 5NJ
TIME –     7.30pm

The money from the council is finally in our account so we’re having a meeting to discuss our plans for spending it – trees & pavement planters. Also plans for the future – decorated boxes, book swap box, murals etc along with a campaign for a low-traffic neighbourhood.

Any other concerns or ideas people would like to raise at the meeting just drop us a line (rcresidentsassoc@gmail.com) and we’ll add it to the agenda. All welcome!

Living Streets Haringey – meeting summary

Good turnout to the first public meeting for Living Streets Haringey. Lots of interesting debates and ideas about how to implement low-traffic neighbourhoods in Haringey.

Below is a summary of the group’s aims. RCRA, along with other local Res Assocs (Parkside Malvern, Palace Gates), want to work closely with Living Streets so that closing our rat-run becomes part of a wider change in the borough putting the interests and welfare of kids, pedestrians and residents before the interests of through traffic.



Facebook:Haringey Living Streets


Ward Budget Grant

We’ve been successful in our bid to get funds from the Haringey Council Woodside Ward Budget to brighten up our neighbourhood. A big thank you to our councillors for backing our bid.

We’ve been given £1500 to;

Provide two new trees on Bradley Road

Position 3 sizeable planters on the pavement at junctions of Ringslade Road/Cumberland Road and Warberry Road/Cumberland Road (subject to planning permission). There’s also the money to fill them with plants for the first year – after that we have to maintain them ourselves.

Place mini-planters around the base of pavement trees in out area.


We’re going to work on raising funds/applying for grants for the other ideas put forward such as decorating  the junction boxes, a book-swap box and a local mural.

Living Streets Haringey Meeting

Come along! Let’s help campaign against rat-running (Ringslade Rd) and for School Streets (Bradley)!