The attempt to turn Alexandra House into a ‘rabbit-hutch’ development has raised its ugly head again. Have a look at the drawings on the application – they’re beyond  a joke. 

Alexander House Planning Application

Most of the ‘flats’ are as small as 28 sq meters – bear in mind that a typical Premier Inn Room is 21 sq meters.

This is allowed under so-called “Permitted Development’ – introduced by the Tories to get round planning rules and there’s very few grounds for objections. 

Here’s an article about the proposed development Article about Alexander House

BUT please object anyway and make our voice heard!


Object on grounds of overcrowding, impact on local traffic & amenities, and on the physical and mental health of residents who will be denied space and natural light.


Most office blocks turned in to flats under these new rules have rapidly become modern slums. See what happened to one block in Harlow. BBC Report on ‘Human Warehouse’


One thing developers, agents and architects don’t like is bad publicity so it would be a good idea to share your objections on social media and name the people behind this development.


The developer is Andreas Panayiotou – a billionaire who has been called ‘the buy-to-let king of London’.


His contact details are


Hilton London Syon Park

London Road




United Kingdom



His agents are DWD a planning and Property Company


Alexander Chalkin 

Associate DWD LLP 



The Architect is Ben Adams Architects



Francesca Pont

99 Southwark Street

London SE1 0JF

020 7633 0000

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